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When experiencing a leak coming from your roof it is best to place a roof tarp to help protect your home or place of business from rain, snow, hail and wind and offer a temporary way to prevent leaks from reentering. Our contractors are experienced with roofs of all sizes and excel in cleanliness. We offer hurricane responses, temporary roof tarp and shrink wrap.


Shrink wrap can offer protection from catastrophic water damage that occurs immediately following roof wind damage or hail damage caused by a major storm. When you’re looking for a longer-term temporary solution, a roof shrink wrap may be the best choice.

Here’s Our Shrink Wraps:

As shrink wraps installation professionals, we have a proven system mixed with advanced technology to help with tarp installation.

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If you believe there is damage in your home or business, it is important you call our highly trained professionals for reliable damage assessment.

Common Questions About Shrink Wrap Installments

A shrink wrap roof tarp is a temporary solution to prevent water leaks, while you are waiting for your roofer to install a permanent roof. Some shrink wrap roofs are guaranteed for a year or longer, up to certain wind speeds.


There are several factors that go into shrink wrap roofing costs. Those cost factors include:

  1. Job location & site access
  2. Size & height of building
  3. Shape and slope of roof
  4. Number of penetrations like vents, HVAC, etc.
  5. Mil thickness of shrink wrap material (when considering how long it needs to last before permanent repairs can be made)

Shrink wrap can be used on nearly any type of roof. Shrink wrap works great on commercial and residential properties. Roof types includes: flat roofs, sloped roofs, asphalt shingle, shake shingle, tile, TPO, metal, EPDM, BUR & others. Common property types include: homes, apartments, resorts, retail, condos, churches, restaurants, office buildings, industrial spaces & others.


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