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Mold & Mildew can cause permanent damage to your property

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Understanding Mold & How to Control It

It is important to understand that no matter where you are there will always be mold. However, in many cases, the spores lie dormant. It takes moisture and other factors to activate the mold and cause it to grow colonies and spread. For full mold remediation, we need to address the moisture in a room first, to prevent further growth and expansion.

Some causes of mold growth include

Toilet & Sink Overflows

Leaks from Appliances

Water Pipes & Fixtures

Drainage Issues

Flood Damage

HVAC Issues

Odor Removal

Plumbing Issues

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Health Risks of Mold Exposure​

Persistent coughing and wheezing

Headaches and fatigue

Hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Skin irritation

Difficulty breathing

Lung damage

Respiratory infections

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Signs of Mold Exposure

You experience more allergies

You see spots appear on walls and floors

There is increased moisture in certain areas

Your space smells old and musty

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If you believe there is mold in your home or business, it is important you call our highly trained professionals for reliable mold remediation.

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As mold remediation professionals, we have a proven system mixed with advanced technology to help with mold removal restoration.

Inspect & Assess Damage

We will begin by inspecting your property and assessing the extent of water and mold damage to define the project scope, timeframe, budget and restoration services needed.

Damage Repair

After the damage has been assessed and the root cause is identified, we will repair the source of the problem to prevent mold growth from recurring.

Mold Removal

Specialized mold remediation equipment, dehumidifiers and air movers will be used to ensure any remaining water and moisture is removed.

Clean & Sanitize

Any salvageable areas exposed to the mold damage will be deodorized and cleaned to remove odors and prevent mold growth. Any contaminated materials that cannot be restored will also be safely removed at this time.


The final step to mold remediation, is rebuilding and restoring your property back to normal. This step can include repairing structural damage as well as replacing materials such as drywall, carpeting and flooring.